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Project Overview

Hy-tech Organics Farms has always worked for the betterment of Indian Agricultural Technologies. This time, it is coming up with India's first physical supply chain stores for Mushrooms. HOF is aiming to set up stores that sell fresh and dry Mushrooms, seeds, various products made by Mushroom-like instant soups, cookies, pickles, noodles, Mushroom Powder, and many more.

Nowadays,one word is ruling over the world, that is immunity. Mushroom is one such product that contains a lot of Nutritional value. It helps with Immune system support, Regulating Cholesterol level, Lowering High Blood Pressure, Building strong bones, Protecting the heart against Cardiovascular disease, defend against Neurodegenerative diseases, at the same time, having Anti-inflammatory properties, Anti- Cancer Properties.

India had a 2.10 Lakh MT Production Capacity in 2019, but there had been no Particular store or space where people could easily sell and buy Mushrooms. So, from now onwards, HOF is ready to present an especially organized MUSHROOM BAZAR that’s Production is aimed to be around 100 million per annum.

Mushroom Bazar's goal :

Mushroom Bazar's goal is to cover the untapped potential market and helping the Mushroom grower and farmers at getting the right benefits. It takes special care of the quality of Mushrooms by making them grow under experienced farmers. With organic agricultural methods, Hy-Tech Organics Farms promote only sustainability.

Requirement for Mushroom Bazar :

  • The distributor has to open 1 store minimum size of 500 to 700 Sq.ft As per the discussion with the company.
  • Have to appoint 1 Sales employee who can take the order from the market, and manage the local sales.
  • If the Distributor doesn’t have sufficient time to Manage the Bazar they have to appoint 1 staff for handling.
  • The company will provide you the interior Colors and design, you have to maintain the Quality for the same.

Support Provided From the Company :

  • Bazar Boards, Branding, and Marketing materials will be provided by the company.
  • The company will provide a dedicated Manager for selling and co-ordination support in the local area.
  • Instrument like Cooling Cabinet (Size 10*10*8) Capacity 5 ton will be provided by the company.
  • The company will provide you all the Products for Sell around (2.5 Lakh Amount).
  • Software & CRM will be provided by the company to maintain the stock and Sells and Purchase.

Commercial Details :

  • Charges: Rs 5,00,000/-(Rupees Five Lakh Only/-)
  • Commercial Benefit :
    • The company provides all the products to the distributor on a margin of 15% to 50% on MRP.
    • Companies provide cash discounts of 2% to 5%.
    • The monthly offer will be there on quantity base it should be changed From every month.

Terms & Condition Apply*

Mushrooms are not any ordinary compost that can grow out in the wild world. They need expert supervision and the right balance of everything to get the best quality as the end result. We here at HOF are committed to transforming mushroom cultivation to a whole new level.

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