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Every day at the headquarters of Hy-tech Organics Farms , we are welcoming change. We are trying to establish new norms within the Indian agriculture sector, where every farmer, investor, and Project partner has something new to unfold. By carefully focusing on the changes needed in the farming industry, we have developed a technology that works and yields exceptional results. Unlike our competitors, we are entirely focussed on mutually benefitting from the help of each other. Our only mission is to provide top-notch vertical farming products and services that make the growth of mushroom easy, and highly profitable.


Hy-tech Organics Farms is India’s First Company to deal in a commercial business model of vertical farming to grow mushroom.

Hy-Tech Organics Farms works on a close production facility whose architecture is quite similar to that of the manufacturing industry or a warehouse. With the help of structural design by HOF Team we can easily produce more than 5 to 10 percent production in comparison to traditional farming way followed in India.

The primary place where our technology outperforms all the available method for the cultivation of mushroom is the unique and first in class structural design that we have created. Our design not only helps our Project partners to achieve a significant reduction in the overall operation cost but also assures guaranteed yield of mushroom. Thanks to our lab experts, where the clinical Production of high-quality mushroom composts and spawn is taking shape every day. This compost and spawn is another unique thing that adds up to assist our design for cultivation.

Hi-tech vertical farming is a revolutionary technology in the mode of farming Indian farmers are used to. It is at the same time a sustainable method of farming where there is a drastic reduction in the requirement of farmland, and water. Farmers can now regulate and control the adversities faced while farming with our exceptional technology.

An Associate partner has to enrol a project partner/investor/farmer who have their own land and sufficient funds required to develop the project in their particular states, and getting huge financial benefits as returns from it.


  • Year round crop production.
  • Special Structural designed by the HOF team.
  • Uses Mushroom Compost and spawn that is curated in our hi-tech laboratory.
  • Irrespective of external weather.
  • Predictable and stable yields.
  • Considerably shorter crop cycles.
  • Highly diminished water consumption.


  • Project Partner/investor/Farmers or be it any associate partner will be getting a fix yearly or monthly guaranteed return against their investment.
  • Associate partner will also receive 3 types of income only for volunteering, and assisting in the management work at their decided region.
    • The technology incorporated by us promotes biodiversity that further promotes the great quality of health for all our farmers and all the living species near the site.
    • Reduction in farm pollution by using less water and soil for the production scale of a similar ratio.
    • Better test from the mushrooms cultivated using our technology.
    • Lesser environmental toxins by using eco-friendly farm products.
    • The opportunity of job creation by implementing our technology in rural areas.
    • Helping fight the adversities of climate change by using organic farming technologies.


Choosing us makes you participate in our initiative of welcoming change within the Indian agricultural sector. Our technology not only offers so many benefits but also reduces a significant amount on the operational cost of farming. It uses fewer resources required to grow compost crops like mushrooms and several others. Also, the constant zeal to innovate our existing methodologies every new day by essential research and study from the already operational farms is a thing we work on relentlessly. We also provide superior customer support to all our farmers and even help them in selling their final products. Doing so helps us gain more exposure and reach to several market places where a potential buyer is waiting for our technology to be unveiled in the place he/she owns.

Mushrooms are not any ordinary compost that can grow out in the wild world. They need expert supervision and the right balance of everything to get the best quality as the end result. We here at HOF are committed to transforming mushroom cultivation to a whole new level.

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